A history of the country of cameroon

He became Muslim in the 11th century and reached its peak in the late 16th and 17th century.

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The Prime Minister and several others in the government are fired. A plot by military officers was uncovered in Ahidjo was chosen president of the federation in British and French Cameroon Unfortunately, many reasons led to its failure. A further planned coup was discovered in and in February the former President Ahmadou Ahidjo then in exile where he subsequently died was tried in absentia and found guilty, along with two of his military advisers.

Pre-Colonial Period

Migrant workers from Nigeria moved to Southern Cameroons in large numbers bringing to an end to forced labor but nonetheless infuriating the locals who felt besieged. In Februarythe country went through its worst violence in over a decade after a strike by a transport union heightened and became violent demonstrations in 13 municipal territories.

Currently, Cameroon enjoys high social and political stability. Finally in ,the advent of the Societas Apostolus Catholici evangelism was recorded. Cameroon becomes the fourth African nation to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

The party continues as an illegal freedom movement. Two months later, the Republican Guard attempted a coup. In the British area, there was local participation in government, and both Northern and Southern Cameroons were joined to parts of Nigeria for administrative purposes.

Human rights organisations accuse police and military forces of mistreating and even torturing criminal suspects, ethnic minorities, homosexualsand political activists.

A Short History of Cameroon

This development together with the discovering of oil makes way for economical and political stability. History of Cameroon The territory of present-day Cameroon was first settled during the Neolithic Era. At about 3 am rebel forces mostly of the Republican guard under the orders of colonel Ibrahim Saleh, attempted to unseat Biya's government.

The border is drawn roughly following the line of mountains. United Republic of Cameroun May 20, After around BCE, the Bantu peoples spread east and south, to become the dominant ethnic group of sub-Saharan Africa. However, Ahidjo remained in control of the CNU and tried to run the country from behind the scenes until Biya and his allies pressured him into resigning.

Ahidjo moves to an exile in France after similar accusations from the presidential office. The Commonwealth therefore declined to send an observer mission. This has enabled development of railways, roads, agriculture, and timber and large petroleum industries.

German administrators were allowed to once again run the plantations of the southwestern coastal area. The northern portion of the territory was formally handed over to the Cameroonian government in Augustand the remainder of the peninsula was left to Cameroon 2 years later, in British missionaries starts protesting against the slave trade.

He successfully suppressed the continuing UPC rebellion, capturing the last important rebel leader in The northern part of Cameroon was an important part of the Muslim slave trade network. They are reluctant in making Cameroon a British protectorate.

The early European presence in Cameroon was primarily devoted to coastal trade and the acquisition of slaves. The ruling CPDM took 88 seats, the opposing parties a total of 92 seats.

They are said to have plotted against him. In the federation was dissolved and the country became a unitary republic the United Republic of Cameroonthe name changing once again to the Republic of Cameroon in Although the Portuguese arrived on Cameroon's doorstep in the 16th century, malaria prevented significant European settlement and conquest of the interior until the late s, when large supplies of the malaria suppressant, quinine, became available.

A unique referendum in British Cameroon is carried out with support from UN. After his death the capital of Adamawa, Yola located on the Benue was founded. The 49 year old Prime Minister, Paul Biya, takes over presidency.

Cameroon : History

Nonetheless, the country proceeded to partial self-government in and full independence on 1 January Frequent riots and uproar are stopped with help from French military.Cameroon was first inhabited by African pygmies. It later became a German colony that gained independence in and joined the League of Nations.

A Brief History of Cameroon. Search the site GO. History & Culture. African History Key Events A Brief History of the African Country of Kenya. History Early history.

Cameroon : History

From archaeological evidence it is known that humans have inhabited Cameroon for at least 50, years, and there is strong evidence of the existence of important kingdoms and states in more recent times.

Cameroon: History. History. In northern Cameroon, during the 19th century, nomadic Fulani arrived and settled. The country became a federal republic in the same year, with both components retaining their local parliaments.

In the federation was dissolved and the country became a unitary republic (the United Republic of. Cameroon is a country that lies in the central and western part of Africa. It shares boundaries with Nigeria on the West, Chad to the North-East, Central African Republic to the East, Gabon, Equitorial Guinea and The Republic of Congo to the South and the Gulf of Guinea to the South west.

History of Africa; Politics of Cameroon; List of heads of government of Cameroon; List of heads of state of Cameroon; Douala history and timeline; Yaoundé history and timeline; References. Background Note: Cameroon from the U.S. Department of State. Bullock, A. L. C. (). Germany's Colonial Demands, Oxford University Press.

Two issues dominate Cameroon politics of the s. One is a long-running constitutional dispute between the English-speaking southwest of the country (one of the former British Cameroons) and the French-speaking majority.

The original federal structure has been replaced in by a unified republic.

A history of the country of cameroon
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