Agency workers

Permanent recruitment through employment agencies There are important differences between temporary agency workers, and people who have found a fixed-term or permanent job through an employment agency. For example, they'll usually be able to send someone else in their place.

You might also be called a temp. Original As Enacted or Agency workers The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation Agency workers applied by our editorial team. Agency workers — what you need to know This advice applies to England Print Who is an agency worker You are an agency worker if you have a contract with an agency but you work temporarily for an employer.

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010

The leading judge, Stephenson LJheld that "mutuality of obligation" was nothing to do with the promise of future work, but simply the exchange of work for a wage, and control over one's job by the employer in the employment contract.

For more information on this sector, please visit GOV. The advantages of being an agency worker can include. Reduced staff loyalty and engagement with big-picture projects and objectives that will continue beyond an assignment. For more information, go to Rights while working as an agency worker.

Working time This includes the duration of working time, rest periods, breaks, night work, annual leave and public holidays Pay This is defined as basic pay, shift premium, piece work, overtime, unsocial hours worked, and Sunday work. Gaining work experience and learning new skills quickly.

This means you are an employee of the agency and your rights are slightly different to other agency workers.

United Kingdom agency worker law

Agency workers were presumed to fall outside the scope of protective employment legislation. You should check your contract with your agency as it may include a notice period you may be obliged to give. Ensuring it can find specialists for projects.

The watchdog, the Employment Agency Standards Inspectoratehas 15 inspectors and 4 call centre staff. Becoming an agency worker Agencies will usually provide a potential new agency worker with all the information they require to register with them and start their first assignment.

Agency worker law

Greater chance of flexibility to work at times that suit personal needs. For example, a secretary may have an agreement with a secretarial agency to do work for an office while one of their employees is on leave. A ready supply of workers who have the skills and qualifications to fill any roles.

Reasons why you might blow the whistle include: For more information about what they are, see: The contract between the agency and the end-employer is termed as a hire of labour.

Agency workers

If the agency worker has a permanent contract with the agency and is paid between assignments, equal treatment as regards pay does not apply. Identical in every way, save a tighter definition of employment agency and more provision for regulatory enforcement, it won the support of almost the whole Labour bench in the House of Commons.

Who is not an agency worker You're not an agency worker if: This is where a company employs its temporary workers directly and they only work for that same business or service you find direct employment with an employer yourself or through a recruitment agency Agency workers on secondment or loan from one organisation to another.

The Act does not cover employees of contractor companies and limited liability companies where the worker is the beneficial owner. To find out what they are, go to: As an agency worker you have the flexibility to take up and leave temporary work at short notice, but the hiring company also has the flexibility to finish temporary work without being liable for unfair dismissal or redundancy pay.

To prevent the abusive practices of private agencies, they were to be fully abolished or at least tightly regulated. If you have your own company If you have your own company or work through a limited company and use an agency then you are still protected as an agency worker but you can choose to opt-out of this protection.

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Detect Fraud, Prevent Fraud ; Flyer & Fact Sheet About COBRA Benefits. You’re an agency worker if you have a contract with an agency but you work temporarily for a hirer. Agencies can include recruitment agencies, for example ‘temp agencies’. You’re also an agency worker if you look for work.

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Agency workers
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