Audit committee annual evaluation of the

The Committee shall meet and review with management and the independent auditors the financial statements to be included in the Company's Annual Report on Form K or the annual report to shareowners if distributed prior to the filing of the Form Kincluding a the clarity of the disclosures in the financial statements; and b the Company's disclosures under Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations, including critical accounting policies.

Monitoring the internal control process. The AC members have gained further knowledge and experience of the sector as a result of their Board membership and through various site visits since their respective appointments.

These pressures could be exacerbated by the use of compensation or other incentives focused on short-term stock appreciation, which can promote self-interest rather than the promotion of long-term shareholder interest. For issuers that are investment companies, we are adopting, as proposed, the requirement that a member of the audit committee of an investment company may not be an "interested person" of the investment company, as defined in Section 2 a 19 75 of the Investment Company Act.

Clarifications Regarding Possible Conflicts With Other Requirements We proposed adding an instruction to the rule to clarify that the requirements regarding auditor responsibility do not conflict with, and are not affected by, any requirement under an issuer's governing law or documents or other home country requirements that requires shareholders to elect, approve or ratify the selection of the issuer's auditor.

Audit Committee

Reviewed quarterly internal audit reports on audit reviews across the Group during the year including on major contracts, site operations and recycling activities. In addition to the clarifications discussed in Section II.

Overseeing hiring, performance and independence of the external auditors. However, as discussed in the Proposing Release, we are aware that the requirements may conflict with legal requirements, corporate governance standards and the methods for providing auditor oversight in the home jurisdictions of some foreign issuers.

Underlying assumptions, both in respect of markets and individual operating sites, have been discussed and reviewed with executive management, including consideration of external market research where appropriate, at both subsidiary and Group Board levels, before being considered and challenged again at the Audit Committee.

We strongly support his efforts to move in this direction and will provide our advice on the scope of individual projects to assist him. Furthermore, ensure a confidential and anonymous procedure for submission made by employees of Ambu of concerns regarding questionable accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing and financial reporting matters as well as business ethics matters.

In this context, we have produced an annual report that takes full advantage of the flexibility in the new policy suite with respect to annual reporting. Other commercial relationships are not covered by the final rule, although, as previously discussed, we expect that SROs will contain restrictions on additional services and activities in their own listing standards.

One way to help promote auditor independence, then, is for the auditor to be hired, evaluated and, if necessary, terminated by the audit committee. The Committee is responsible for the pre-approval of all audit and permitted non-audit services performed by the independent public accountants.

The Committee shall review the registered independent public accountants' judgments about the quality and appropriateness of the accounting principles applied in the Corporation's financial reporting, and shall review and assess the reasonableness of analyses prepared by management and the registered independent public accountants setting forth significant financial reporting issues and judgments made in connection with the preparation of financial statements.

Doing so will not only help the organization lead by example, it will also help ensure that senior managers in the PSC more fully understand the challenges that other departments will have to address in an effective way if system-wide implementation of the NDS is to be successful. However, any member of the Audit Committee can be removed by the Board of Directors at any time.

Not only could an audit committee be hindered in its ability to perform its duties objectively by not having control over the ability to compensate these advisors, but the role of the advisors also could be compromised if they are required to rely on management for compensation.

This is supported by the external auditors ensuring that the senior partner responsible for the external audit of the Group remained responsible for such audit for no more than five years and that there is a quality review partner who is involved in planning the audit and in the reviewing of the final accounts of the Company including assessing any significant matters which may be identified in the audit.

This included actions to ensure that we engaged appropriately throughout the year in each of the core areas of responsibility defined in the Directive on Internal Auditing: Annually, the Committee shall recommend that the Board request shareholder ratification of the appointment of the registered independent public accountants.

Under the final rule, an audit committee member may sit on the board of directors of a listed issuer and any affiliate so long as, except for being a director on each such board of directors, the member otherwise meets the independence requirements for each such entity, including the receipt of only ordinary-course compensation for serving as a member of the board of directors, audit committee or any other board committee of each such entity.

We received several comments regarding how beneficial ownership is to be determined for purposes of the safe harbor, as well as for other aspects of the rule, such as the multiple listing exception. Thus, absent such a provision, both the audit committee and the advisors could be less willing to address disagreements or other issues with management.

Annual assessment of the external auditor: Tool for audit committees

In its report, the Blue Ribbon Committee recognized the importance of audit committees and issued ten recommendations to improve their effectiveness. The Committee shall discuss with the internal auditors and the independent auditors the overall scope and plans for their respective audits including their respective responsibilities and the adequacy of staffing and compensation.

The Committee shall set hiring policies with regard to employees and former employees of the independent auditors. This process followed the notes on best practice in respect of audit tenders published by the Financial Reporting Council in July The Committee will receive periodic reports from the General Counsel on all significant litigation and investigations and updates on these matters as warranted by circumstances.

To that effect, the Committee agreed that the next step is for the CFO to review the existing integrated risk management framework and determine how it can be adapted to take into account the issues raised in this paper. As such, it may take additional time to locate and attract qualified directors.

CBB Budget and Audit Committee

During this reporting period the CAEE reported directly to the Acting President and continued to have unfettered access to senior management and to us.

Specifically, these commenters believed the final rule should also state that the issuer must provide appropriate funding for ordinary administrative expenses of the audit committee.

The Committee will review and discuss the Company's disclosure controls and procedures, and the quarterly assessments of such controls and procedures by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.The Audit Committee engages in an annual evaluation of the independent public accounting firm’s qualifications, assessing the firm’s quality of service, the firm’s sufficiency of resources, the quality of the communication and interaction with the firm, and the firm’s independence, objectivity, and.

EXTERNAL AUDITOR ASSESSMENT TOOL A REFERENCE FOR US AUDIT COMMITTEES EXTERNAL AUDITOR ASSESSMENT TOOL A REFERENCE FOR US AUDIT COMMITTEES 3 For calendar year-end public companies, Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No.Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic ) is effective January 1, An annual audit committee report for inclusion in the Corporation’s annual proxy statement in accordance with applicable SEC rules and regulations.

An annual performance evaluation of the Committee’s performance relative to the requirements of this Charter. The performance evaluation should also include recommendations to the Board for any. The following Model Audit Committee Meeting Agendas suggest the timing, objectives, specific actions to be performed, and communications to be made to the board for certain audit committee meetings.

The agendas were prepared assuming a two-or three-meeting schedule, and are not intended to be all. The annual audit performed by Baker Tilly was completed on time and according to U.S Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

In addition to any other evaluation process undertaken by the Chairman of the Board, the Board of Directors or any committee thereof, the Audit Committee will establish criteria for evaluating its performance and will conduct such an evaluation on an annual basis.

Audit committee annual evaluation of the
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