Catawba financial ratios and lightweight compressors

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Home / Essays / Catawba: Financial Ratios and Lightweight Compressors Catawba Industrial Company currently manufactures only standard compressors. Marge McPhee, general manager of the compressor-manufacturing department is considering implementing a new production run, which includes lightweight compressors.

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Catawba supplies industrial paint systems and other related industrial machinery and employs over individuals. Additionally, the company reports an average revenue of over $ million per year. One of the few issues that persistently bothered the general manager was the pricing for the light-weight compressors%(6).

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Manufactured from durable and lightweight high density polyethylene (HDPE), it is weather- chemicaland mold-resistant. Design Moeller's new Gas Walker is available in 29 gallon size. Problem As the financial consultants of Catawba Industrial Company our aim is to determine the best course of action to pursue with respect to the introduction of the new proposed light weight compressor.

Catawba financial ratios and lightweight compressors
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