Guantanamo bay should be closed essay

It is important to acknowledge that there are hundreds of criminals held in Guantanamo who deserve to the in that facility but at the same time there are hundred of others who have been held in that facility for no apparent reason. Any detainee should not be released anyhow as they will pose threat to innocent civilians to mean that their freedom is a threat to Guantanamo bay should be closed essay society.

Arbitrary Detention and Abuse Detainees at Guantanamo have been subject to arbitrary detention. S Supreme court rule in Hamden v. However, there are those who feel that closing Guantanamo Bay would hamper the war on terror since not many countries are willing to take in suspects of terrorism.

It offers several compelling advantages over the alternatives. This was further reinforced by U. Sincemore than suspects have been detained in the facility and while some have been released without trials, there are hundreds who are still held in Guantanamo still awaiting trial.

The revelations of abuse continue to spill out, including this latest from Time Magazine.

Four Good Reasons Why Guantanamo Should Be Closed

As of Junethe United States classified all the prisoners in the facility as enemy combatants. The US used to detain individuals in the Bay and they gay backup through funding to ensure that then Bay would be closed following the president orders.

Why Guantanamo Bay should remain open

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Since s, the facility was used to hold Cuban and Haitian refugees who had been intercepted attempting to enter United States illegally. Initially the facility was meant to carry out detention and interrogation through the use of unlawful means.

Just look at what happened when the Obama administration attempted to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York City an effort which it has since abandoned. S government categorically stated that prisoners held in the facility were not subject to Geneva Convention protections.

If the government cannot employ torture interrogation techniques to prisoners held in its own soil, it should not employ the technique to interrogating prisoners held in a detention facility in a foreign land. But the Supreme Court has held that the writ of habeas corpus does apply at Gitmo, and the Administration has been dealt a series of similar setbacks in lower courts.

S allies and enemies Lewis, Doctors who offer medical services to the prisoners have had to wear protective attires especially in their necks in case of an attack from prisoners and are in most cases they are accompanied by armed service men and women.

ESSAY: Why Guantanamo Bay should not be closed

The future course of war on terrorism should recognize that adherence to human rights, values, and integrity of our institutions will be the source of strength to fight terrorism. Considering criticism on torture of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay and the U.

Indefinite detention of suspects is also a form of torture since it deprives the suspect of their legal rights. This is the reason as to why the Bay should not be closed as this will imply that its physical location will have to be changed and legally it is not significant to change the location of the detainees.

By the end ofmore than prisoners had been released without any legal trial while detainees were still held in the facility by January Guantanamo Bay has tainted U.

He was also threatened with forced enemas, and on one occasion was subjected to one. Guantanamo Bay is like a prison, but a dangerous prison to those detained and those taking care of the detainees.

If the detainees were transferred out of Guantanamo, the benefit of these outlets would be lost. Yet through a series of laws and military rulings, the administration has continued to argue that the prisoners do not have the right to contest their detention in a U.

International counterterrorism cooperation has weakened, as courts in places as varied as Spain, France and Kuwait have condemned Guantanamo and refused to accept information obtained there.

Conclusion Since the launch of war on terror, the Guantanamo Bay detention facility has become important in detaining terrorisms suspects. Weakening the Counterterrorism Effort and Undermining U. There are currently detainees at Guantanamo, and over more are slated for release.

Doctors who offer medical services to the prisoners have had to wear protective attires especially in their necks in case of an attack from prisoners and are in most cases they are accompanied by armed service men and women.Mar 06,  · The Case For Closing — And Keeping Open — Guantanamo President Obama recently announced a plan to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Three people with close ties to. Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo)is an essential base for the United States of America and should stay open for many reasons.

8 Reasons to Close Guantanamo Now

Some people believe the base is unethical, not on american soil and costs to much, and for those reasons want it closed. Guantanamo Bay should be closed within the stipulated time and the current detainees in the facility offered legal rights.

Data Protection Choices

Overview of Guantanamo Bay Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp has been in operation since as a prison facility jointly operated by Joint Task Force Guantanamo. ESSAY: Why Guantanamo Bay should not be closed June 8, Joseph Because most of the American people want to close down Guantanamo, closing it down will just move the detention facility to another location, and closing it all down will just jeopardize national security for the United States.

The Outrage Machine is a weekly opinion column by voices from the left and right on Washington. The detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay are imperfect. Most importantly, some who have been.

Oct 31,  · As the nation's most visible and painful symbol of torture and indefinite detention, Guantanamo Bay is a constant reminder of a deep moral wound .

Guantanamo bay should be closed essay
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