Master thesis high frequency trading

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In the finance industry, where mathematical theories and trading models are relatively well researched, the ability to implement these designs in real trading practices is one of the key elements of an investment firm's competitiveness.

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approach and try to make a study about the impact of the high frequency trading on the stock volatility during the normal market condition and uncertainty period in the crisis. Our conclusion is that the high frequency trading could reduce the stock specific volatility in Swedish stock market.

The capability of converting investment ideas into high performance trading systems effectively and efficiently can give an investment firm a huge competitive advantage.(cont.) This thesis provides a detailed study composed of high frequency trading system design, system modeling and principles, and processes management for system development.

Many algorithmic trading strategies have been developed on the advent of high frequency trading coming to the markets. According to Wang [14] and Aldridge [1], the advantages to having computers execute strategies include: higher accuracy, no emotion, lower costs, and technological innovation as the speed of trading becomes greater.

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Master thesis high frequency trading
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