Mtech thesis on biometrics

Since questioned document examination plays an important investigative and forensic role in many types of crime, it is important to develop a system that helps objectively identify a questioned document's handwriting style.

This will involve the determination of the location of the speaker from the audio signal of the voice source or from the visual image of the speaker, or both.

This requires that the images can be aligned in the same orientation. The knowledge base can be Factual and Heuristic. The concept of fuzzy logic is used in the commercial and practical purposes. These features form a template that is used to determine the identity of the user, formulating the process of authentication.

The idea is to determine whether a speaker's voice is sufficient to accurately verify the identity of the speaker. Choose this field if you have interest in robots and their working. Using reinforcement learning, a machine can learn from its behavior in the environment. Tappert and Cha are suitable for D.


You can also fill the query form on the website. Our NSF Proposal gives a good introduction and background to this area.


Fuzzy Systems Fuzzy Systems produce a definite output for an indefinite input through fuzzy logic. There are two types of Artificial Neural Network topologies: Due to the poor ridge structure present in such individuals, such users cannot be enrolled into the database and therefore cannot be subsequently authenticated.

Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Reinforcement Learning In machine learning, the algorithms receive an input value and use historical data to predict the output.

There are membership functions used in the fuzzy systems. This is important for most forensic science applications such as writer, face, iris, fingerprint, speaker, or bite mark identification. Examples of physiological characteristics are fingerprint, face, hand, ears and retina.

Research methods depend upon the nature of the research: Mark Ritzmann completed investigated strategies for managing missing or incomplete information and applied several alternative fallback procedures to the keystroke data and generalized such procedures for potential applications to business problems of incomplete information.

These were some of the interesting and latest topics in artificial intelligence for thesis and research. Biometrics permits a person to be recognized and authenticated established on a set of identifiable and verifiable data that are irreplaceable and explicit to them. There are various algorithms designed for this purpose.

Restricted to Repository staff only Kb Abstract Biometric is the science and innovation of measuring and analyzing biological information. Interactive flower recognition Our initial success in recognizing flowers established a methodology for continued work in the area of interactive visual systems, see Flower Study.

Biometrics Projects

We can say that Machine Learning is an approach to Artificial Intelligence. With the increasing demand for creating a paperless world, many OCR algorithms have been developed over the years.

It is an important research and thesis area in artificial intelligence. For example, the FBI might want to synthetically create a ransom note in a particular writer's style.

In artificial neural network or ANN, there are multiple nodes that represent neurons. There is a need of pre-processing e. In this regard we are inspired by a quote by Albert Einstein who said: Deep Learning is employed in deep neural networks, deep belief network, and recurrent neural networks and finds its application in computer vision, speech recognition, drug discovery, natural language processing, and bioinformatics.

The method has been tested on some radiographs images and is found to produce desired output. With enough points in each pattern the positions x, y of the minutiae are the only information that is needed for good matching results.

Machine Learning gives systems the ability to learn automatically from the experience without being programmed explicitly. Dental elements survives most of the PM events which may disrupt or change other body tissues,e.

Another application is to detect a language shift, say from English to French, within the same document with the purpose of appropriately shifting to the proper accent when converting into speech in a Text-To-Speech TTS system.

Cha's publication list Biometrics For an overview of this area, see An introduction to biometric recognition by Jain, et al. The Equation 4 is used to convert the template minutiae from row and column indices to polar coordinates. The user provides his fingerprint together with his identity information like his ID number.

The reason for this is to allow alternate finger should any of the fingers fails to enrol due to the poor ridge structure present in such fingers.

Script is defined as the graphic form of the writing system used to write statements expressible in language.Biometrics is the use of physical characteristics like face, fingerprints, iris etc.

of an individual for personal identification. Sa, Pankaj Kumar () Gender Classification from Facial Images using PCA and SVM. MTech thesis.

Digital Image Processing Projects for MTech, ME & PhD

Preview. PDF Kb: Abstract. A thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the State Universityof New York at Buffalo in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science June Biometrics such as fingerprint, face and voice print offers means of reliable personal.

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Biometrics is defined as the science of measuring and analyzing human body characteristics like fingerprints, retina veinal patterns, irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, and hand/finger measurements for the purpose of authentication or identification. Iris recognition, a biometric, provides one of the most secure methods of authentication and identification thanks to the unique characteristics of the iris.

Once the image of the iris has been captured using a standard camera, the authentication process, involving comparing the current subject’s iris with the stored version, is one of the. Computer Science Research Topics for Masters Computer Science Research Topics for Masters is one of our main services created for students those who studying Computer Science.

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Mtech thesis on biometrics
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