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Senator Paul Simon of Illinois. Pasquale, the University of Maryland law professor, said health scores should be treated like credit scores.

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You just might find a new favorite song along the way. Podtrac's ranking of top podcasts is based on the unique U. I think it's an extremely difficult qu--question to handle. Podcast personality persists Podcasts each have their own personality, their own voice.

For example, he said, the company could raise premiums, or revise contracts with providers. But Kaufman said it felt wrong: Health scores generated from arrest records, home ownership and similar material may be wrong, she said.

Each Top Podcast Ranking is based on the audience counts achieved during the most recent month only. In those cases, the medical providers can profit more when patients stay healthy.


Provide an identifiable daily product which is consistent and reflects the highest standards of broadcast journalism. Doctors and hospitals have typically been paid based on the quantity of care they provide. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The relationship, she said, became even more strained when Thomas, in work situations, began to discuss sex.

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By November of that year, users downloaded NPR and other public radio podcasts 5 million times. Changing the time of the vote could prove difficult. A company was accused of putting its enrollment office on the third floor of a building without an elevator, so only healthy patients could make the trek to sign up.

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There is the fact, of course, that anybody can make this kind of an allegation and ruin a career, even if it's not true. And NPR One gets to know you. Add to those well-articulated causations the lowered costs of improved podcast tech, and the robotization of so much commercial radio, once an innovative medium.

And she said that Hill had, indeed, told her, at the time, of the alleged harassment. Late Tuesday, the Pentagon announced a day review of the entire military health care system. Ranking of these shows is determined by a proprietary Podtrac algorithm which uses publicly available data.

Consider that, of million people online in the U. Understanding these strategies is important because patients — through taxes, cash payments and insurance premiums — are the ones funding the entire health care system. We look at the sectors where podcasting excels mainly direct response and what it needs to do to win the big money from brand advertisers.

Daniel Couzins Credit Courtesy of Jennifer Couzins An intimate story of addiction, grief, and a couple in crisis will air on New Hampshire Public Radio and via a nationally distributed podcast focusing on the ongoing public health threat posed by opioid use. Hill said she repeatedly told Thomas she did not want to discuss those kinds of things but sensed that her apparent disgust only urged him on.

Her friend, the state judge, was also interviewed, as was Clarence Thomas. All thoughtfully curated by hand, every day. And the Trump administration is promoting short-term health plans, which do allow insurers to deny coverage to sick patients.

Well, he made a statement about his behavior, that it was--if I ever did disclose it, that it would be enough to ruin his career. And the details about individuals who liked camping made her think of herself. Use of the Podtrac measurement system and inclusion in the Industry Audience Ranking reports is free to all publishers.

New episodes every other Wednesday. By downloading this app: He never touched her, she acknowledged in an interview, and he never directly threatened her job.

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The Podcast Industry Audience Ranking of the Top 10 Publishers includes producers and publishers who create, own and distribute podcasts.

Our first publisher ranking is of the Top 10 Publishers and our first podcast ranking is of the Top 20 Podcasts. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics, and other third-party service providers.Popular Podcasts; Collections» Harvard Business Review ⋅ Business.

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The inspector general's interim report said some 1, patients at the Phoenix VA hospital were put on unofficial wait lists and subjected to treatment delays of up to days. NHPCO Podcast Past Episodes The official podcast of NHPCO connects you with experts and leaders in hospice and palliative care with pertinent discussions about timely issues facing the field today.

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