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These elements make up molecules like carbon dioxide CO2. When a signal Photsynthesis interactive site outside the cell changes the rate of gene transcription, this is known as regulated transcription. Participants should have some familiarity of plant morphology and cell biology before approaching this topic.

Photosynthesis diagram for kids: how plants help us to survive

Independent variable Time is the independent variable and will be measured with a stop watch. Gradients are used to create energy that can power biological cyles.

Learning Goals Locate where the light reactions of photosynthesis take place within the leaf.


Then place a sheet of tracing paper over the leaf. Draw the steps of non-cyclic photophosphorylation and make note of the reaction centers for photosystem II and photosystem I. Photosynthesis is the means by which plants make use of chorophyll and light to produce energy.

And that they do -- in brilliant explosions of color! Your task is to use the simulation to determine how wavelength and intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis and the production of ATP.

This gives the atom or molecule a negative or positive charge When leaves on a tree are still green, invite each student to cover part of a leaf with aluminum foil. This process is Photsynthesis interactive site photosynthesis, which translated means "putting together with light.

Addressing Student Understanding Once the students have finished their notes, we review the basic information as a class, paying specific attention to the chemistry aspect of the process. Plants take the carbon atom from carbon dioxide and use it to build sugars.

Photosystem I and II don't align with the route electrons take through the transport chain because they weren't discovered in that order.

Commentary distinguishes inquiry of wonder why and inquiry of power howand suggests ways to record the story for oral retelling and adapt it for use with young, older, and university audiences.

By moving step-by-step through these, electrons are moved in a specific direction across a membrane. The movement of hydrogen ions are coupled with this. Seedling image by Bff. Looking for simple explanations and activities? That means shorter days and cooler nights.

This link provides a good overview of photosynthesis. The amount of ATP produced will change depending upon the set parameters.

The bubbles counted were only the ones that floated to the top of the test tube. The answer lies in what makes up the air. Description and Teaching Materials Use an actual dicot leaf or draw a representation of this leaf on a piece of paper and cut it in half.

But aside from that it's free. Show animations of these steps using references and resources such as http: This collection has been developed to introduce students to new concepts.

Fall for Science, Learning, October Experimental Design This experiment will look at the affect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis on Elodea plants. Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria and provides both animals and plants with the energy needed to power other cellular processes.

See colorful images from the eastern U. Collect a variety of leaves and challenge students to use a tree guide from the library to identify the kind of tree from which each leaf comes.

Here you'll find all kinds of clickable pictures. Go to "Johnson Explorations:SOURCE: Alberts, et al., Essential Cell Biology, Second Edition, Garland Science Publishing © Garland Science Publishing and Sumanas, Inc.

KEYWORDS: Plant cells. On the BioMan Photosynthesis Interactive, students explore the various leaf structures involved in the process of photosynthesis. This also addresses SP2 as students examine models. On the third section of the worksheet, students use the BioMan Photosynthesis and Respiration Game to examine the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

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The Effects of Light Intensity and Wavelength on the Rate of Photosynthesis

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Photsynthesis interactive site
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