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In a few others, it is the result of abnormal genetic actions during the development of the fetus.

What is polydactyly?

Otherwise, one could consider the Bilhaut-Cloquet. If a child does not have any other physical problems, the defect may not affect his or her mental or physical development in any way.

McGlamry, Dalton, et al. In approximately 50 percent of all cases, it occurs bilaterally although not necessarily symmetrically.

The study found that over time there was an increase in offspring who were homozygous for the condition. The least Polydactyly essay place for extra fingers is within the middle of the hand.

Sometimes these fingers and toes Polydactyly essay just an appendage, but sometimes they are fully structured and useable digits as well.

Doctors will examine a person and use X-ray imaging to diagnose polydactyly. Specific Cells Affected Relatively early work into the cellular developmental process involved in development of polydactylism showed that it is caused by a defect in the cell death process in the embryo.

Depending on the level and extent of duplication, the flexor and extensor tendons may require centralization or rebalancing.

Anatomy: Polydactyly Sample Essay

There are over 30 rare congenital syndromes in which Polydactyly is present. The procedure is initially described as a way to lengthen amputated digits.

Incidence rate for polydactyly of the hand is approximately 1 per 1, births.

Anatomy: Polydactyly Essay Sample

Treatment Treatment depends on which type of the condition a person has: However, the main problems resulting from this type of defect are those of functioning and appearance. An X-ray may be used to diagnose polydactyly of fingers or toes.


The functioning of the additional digits and the rest of the extremity are the prime issue. The Central form often affects both hands and is frequently also found to arise along with syndactyly.

Compare the Four Ordering Options 1. Their abnormal appearance, although the secondary problem, are also responsible for affecting the psychology of sufferers. Some people suffer from a duplication of the additional bone in the thumb while some others suffer from a duplication of the middle bone.

Due to the development patterns of polydactylism the classification of the disorder is based on digits affected, as the condition starts peripherally and then spreads to the centre Borisch et al.

The Chrysalids US title: The doctor will also ask questions about their family and medical history to help them to diagnose the cause. The little finger with no bone can be easily treated at birth by tying a suture around it. The incidence of Polydactyly in Caucasians is reported as 1 in 1, live births.Polydactyly occurs by its self by isolated conditions or in conjunction with other symptoms as one aspect of a multi-symptom diseases.

There are several forms of isolated and several forms of Polydactyly; each of these, where the genetics is understood, is caused by an autosomal dominant gene. An operative cure for Polydactyly differs on the basis of the type of the condition that one suffers from.

If an individual is affected by the Preaxial form, a single thumb can be reconstructed from two split (duplicated) thumbs. Polydactyly Polydactyly is a condition in which the patient has more than five fingers on his hands or more than five toes on his feet.

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This anatomical abnormality is a congenital abnormality. Patients will have six or more toes or fingers at birth. Essay about Adjustment Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment.

If polydactyly does not impact a person's ability to use their hand or foot, it may not need treatment. There are several types of polydactyly, and a variety of treatment options are available.

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Polydactyly is a polymorphism in which an individual is born with an extra digit on the hand or foot. This is commonly observed in cats, especially in those cats occupying Ernest Hemingway's house in .

Polydactyly essay
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