The two trung sisters essay

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The legend of the Trung Sisters once again entered into the purview of scholars and politicians as Vietnam entered its struggle for independence from colonial France.

Temple of the Two Trung Sisters – Vinh Phuc

Over time, Vietnam came to adopt many cultural practices and traditions from imperial China, including their treatment of women. The Trungs gathered an army of 80, people to help drive the Chinese from their lands.C.

the Yi sisters of Korea led a revolt against the imposition of taxes. D. the Trung sisters of Vietnam led local farmers in resistance against invaders. E. women were allowed to join the priesthood and perform religious rituals. In 40 A.D two sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, led an uprising to drive out the Han invaders and recover national independence.

Subsequently, Trung Trac ascended the throne, with Me Linh (Vinh Phuc province) being the capital.

Trưng Sisters

The Hai Ba (“Two Sisters”) pagoda at Hanoi and the pagoda of Hat Mon, in the province of Son Tay, are dedicated to the Trung Sisters, and an avenue in downtown Ho. The two Trung sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, were born to a general of one of the districts, Giao Chi, in rural Northern Vietnam, and despite Chinese rule during this time, life was still good.

The Trung sisters became queens of their new Vietnamese kingdom. As the rulers, they abolished the Chinese tax, and tried to restore a kingdom that followed traditional Vietnamese values. For more than three years, the Chinese fought to retake control of Vietnam, but the Trung sisters’ forces fought them off and retained control until 43 AD.

The Trung sisters ruled over an area that included about sixty-five cities and towns and constructed a new capital at Me-linh, a site long associated with the primordial Hong Bang or Loc Dynasty, which legend holds ruled Vietnam from to B.C.

The two trung sisters essay
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