Wide area networks and local area networks essay

When new information is entered by one process, the information is made available immediately to other business processes.


Web developers design, code, test and debug Web-based programs and media to create, publish and maintain websites. Electronic commerce is also maturing into an established means of conducting business. Most were time-sharing systems that supported a number of simultaneous users.

This is the technology that could enable wearable computer devices to communicate with other nearby computers and exchange information and data. The stage was now set for the Internet, which was first used by scientists, then by academics in many disciplines, and finally by the world at large.

Computer networking is a procedure of sharing data and shared resources between a few connected computers. They are hardware devices that can be added to a computer, or they can be integrated into the main hardware of the computer.

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Around this time, two phenomena—the development of local area networks LANs and the integration of networking into operating systems—contributed to a rapid increase in the size of the network. Broadly speaking there are two methods for connecting at least two computers.

Lan and Wan

This grassroots group is far less formal than organizations such as the International Telecommunications Union, which defines telephony standards through the work of members who are essentially representatives of various governments.

Class A network is used when a little number of networks possessing an extremely high number of nodes are wanted. Computers, on the other hand, communicate in bursts, and unless a number of "calls" can be combined on a single transmission path, line and switching capacity is wasted.

Using Telnet, a user could read the remote files but could not do anything with them. Two more nodes were soon installed at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where Glen Culler and Burton Fried had developed an interactive system for mathematics education, and the University of Utah, which had one of the first computer graphics groups.

Computer network

In fact, the Web—now considered to be a major driver of the way society accesses and views information—is the result of numerous projects in computer networking, mostly funded by the federal government, carried out over the last 40 years. They connect networks in the city. Please check with an academic advisor at the college of your choice to find the right fit for your educational and career goals.

Most of the work was funded by ARPA, although the NSF provided educational support for many researchers and was beginning to consider establishing a large-scale academic network. Connection technology[ edit ] Many technologies are available for wide area network links.

When computer system connections cover a long distance or larger geographical area like intercity, intercity or countries to share information's, the configuration is called Wide Area Network WAN.

Similar LANs are linked by bridges, which act as transfer points between networks; dissimilar LANs are linked by gateways, which both transfer data and convert it according to the protocols used by the receiving network.

These systems also identify profitable or nonprofitable customers or opportunities to reduce the churn rate. Standards and Management Unlike the various telecommunications networks, the Internet has no owner. To become part of the Internet, a user need only connect a computer to a port on a service provider's router, obtain an IP address, and begin communicating.

The concept of an anonymous user was quickly added, with constrained access privileges, to allow users to connect to a system and browse the available files. Some of the common type of network topologies are Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh.

Local Area Networks

The idea of hypertext was not new.words essay on computer Networking. Networking is a vital factor for the successful working of information systems.

The Local Area Network (LAN) for smart distance with a high data transfer rate. (b) The Wide Area Network (WAN) for greater the configuration is called Wide Area Network (WAN).

This is basically are extensions of LAN. Paper Details Objective: Assess the vulnerabilities of an organization’s hardware and software systems, transmission media, local area networks, wide area networks, enterprise networks, Intranets, and its use of the Internet to cyber intrusions. Aim of the course Motivation Network: communicating computers LANs (local-area networks) are wide-spread “gates” towards Internet communication.

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hardware and software needed to secure your choice of networks against all electronic threats.

Local Area and Wide Area Networks The complex nature of today’s local and wide area networks requires a great deal of planning before the network can be assembled and configured.

Identifying and. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a relatively small network that is confined to a small geographic area, such as a single office or a building. Laptops, desktops, servers, printers, and other networked devices that make up a LAN are located relatively close to each other.

Wide Area Networks Local Area Networks, or. LANs, became the term used to describe the way in which computers were con- Although the OSI model defined a set of standards, it is important to note that it is merely a model.

Many other models exist in the networking in.

Wide area networks and local area networks essay
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